Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The Mall...certainly doesnt sound like the beginning of any humorous book I have read lately but... Let me tell you what we did this weekend... Knowing that I was to see my buddy Sandra this weekend I asked her about other people getting together with us...and posted to several of the looming groups that I belong to that we were in search of other loomers... well to our great suprise a ton of people showed up!!! Yippee ... we all sat there looming and chatting and having such a wonderful time... One of these wonderful ladies actually joined our caring crocheters group and has already made her first donation... wow ... Sharon was able to share with all the KK slipper technique... made me smile remembering it wasnt that long ago that I showed her how to do them... like passing a cool!!! Seems to be intrest in getting together again ... maybe bags next time or somethign else... I cant wait and have a vehicle on the road again so gonna burn the rubber off those new tires to get there and have a looming good time a hooking away....

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