Thursday, December 28, 2006


Wow I guess it has been a while since I have been on here to update everyone of everything going on.Holidays were fantastic here even though we had a very green Christmas... Lack of snow makes it feel like anything less that a real holiday... The true meaning of the holiday is often missed but this year we were ever so fortunate to celebrate with dear friends who came up from Hastings Florida to share our holiday with us.Would very much have liked about a foot of snow to fire up the snowmobile and all those other winter activities that they miss out on being in that sunny state of Florida...Everything aside I am glad the New Year is almost here as with most things my seasonal sales job selling games is very near an end and as sales are slowing down I am of the realization that my next adventure is out there waiting for me. I beleive I will be mananging a small restraunt in the same mall ... the owner has approached me and is quite interested in giving me a position... the great thing about this job is the hours are far less than I put in now ... a real 40 hr work week ...YIPPPPEEEE what will I ever do with myself??? LOL... With our Caring Crocheters Groups new focus being Ronald McDonald House I will be far less limited in what I can make... the focus still being children but so many other things can be made... cant wait to actually get to some crafting... I suppose any excuse to go shopping is good so I feel a need for several yards of fabric to stitch up on the new sewing machine that Santa brought me... trade off is that Pete will get eithor a new TV or a new Computer... oh well suppose it was worth it... Looking to do some quilting so will be saving my AC Moore coupons to buy a rotary cutter and mat...

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