Monday, September 11, 2006


Well it hasnt quite been a week but so much to say... the weather is starting to turn and soon the leaves will be in there full splendor... kind of a sad time of year but it must happen, leaves in all there splendor must fall off the trees to be reborn in the spring. Well I have decided that without friends we are nothing ... I had a lovely weekend and many friends showed to share it with me... Only at my house would I have friends over and pull out the yarn and looms... hmmmm... oh well forgive everyone seemed to have such a good time and I recruited a few new members for Caring Crocheters!!! Well with so much to work on I admit I have been a little distracted... oh well... I have to continue to work on a suprise ghan for a great friends daughter and also need to finish a scarf that I am looming for an exchange for Caring Crocheters... had about 1/8 of it done today and decided to frog it and start over... was very thick and was taking altogether to long to loom so I restarted it much thinner and it will hopefully work up much quicker. Need to set a few hours aside tomorrow to continue working on my suprise ghan am actually behind several for the local VA Hospital and need to do a couple for birthdays that are just wizzing by as I am sitting here typing...Well tomorrow is another day...Time to go to bed so for now keep on hooking( only a crocheter like me would see the humor it that statement).

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