Wednesday, September 06, 2006

TA DA!!!!

Ta da!!!! OK I realize that I need updating on here... Well quickly let me say busy busy busy here and sometime next week when I get back on the computer I will post all kinds of goodies!!! I am working on about a bajillion things and hoping to finish most of them in the next week that I have swore off the computer!!! Have tons of blankets for neonatal and although I say no more till I finish up some of my other projects I have started yet another... I have a couple SHHHH... suprise blankets with at least 1 more to do and all need to be done gulp...yesterday... oh well I guess there will be a couple late nights coming up here soon... OK I do admit it I love pressure!!!! And procrastination is really my middle name... but I am taking a week to recoup and reenergize and organize and all the other izes you can think of... will post more soon...till then take care and God Bless!!!

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