Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just catching up...

Well it seems as if I am always chasing my tail... after being reminded a few times to catch this blog up here I am to do it... so much going on Pete is doing well although this hot waether is really bothering him more than usual... My friends and I got together a few days ago with the idea we would craft... well it always works out that we get hardly any of that done and spend more time laughing and having fun than anything else... We wil be getting together again around the beginning of August to shop and pick up our KKII looms... we always have such funwhen we get together!!!! We were able to celebrate the 1 yr anniversary of our Caring Crocheters Group... although most of us havent been there real long any reason to party and be silly is a good one!!! Above is the pic of Sandra the group Mom with the blanket that the group gave her beacuse she does so much for so many this one was for her!!!

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