Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I am very fortunate to be a member of a wonderful group called Caring Crocheters. I came to learn of the group thru a post by the groups owner Sandra when she posted on our local Freecycle asking for donations of yarn and craft supplies also any crafter looking to donate items to charities.Well always beeing up for a challenge I answered and then we swapped phone numbers then the rest is history... after meeting at a local mall we spent 6 hours chatting and felt as if we had known each other forever. It didnt take long befor she had arranged with several other local Caring Crocheters and a small local group was formed we have met several times and just cant get enough of one anothers company and have soooo much fun... We exchange ideas and thoughts and just share in one anothers love of crafting.Today several of us met to take a ton of stuff to the local hospice.It is tremendous to see the wonderful things that the people in this group have so lovingly created and donated. After meeting we went to Sharons house and had a chance to admire all of her lovely loomed creations.Her sister Patty is a recent loom convert and is quite the hat designer.This has been the first time we have gathered and Sandra hasnt been there she was sick and I would later find out that she has Pheumonia.Just so she understands that next time we get together she needs to share twice as many idea and crafts... we dont want her slacking I am including the link to the group take a minute and stop by feel free to join if it is something you might like just make sure to tell them that Stella sent you!!!!

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