Saturday, June 24, 2006

To Do List

Well here goes ... I figure if I write it down it will get done (not really but sounds good).My WIPs include several afghans, a couple lapghans and several hats... my mattra for the week must complete a wip for each new thing I do... (now to stick to it)lol... things to do... Angel doll for the Caring Crafters Angel Exchange, an angel pillow done in tunisisan crochet a new bag for craft projects and a loomed shawl. Still need to try out the knitted letter blocks on the loom goal 1 just to see how they turn out... This weekend I have to decide on a new loom... DA have some great ones thinking maybe a sgsock loom... but then again I really want to do some dishcloths so maybe that ...decisions decisions... I only have a couple days left with my 14 yr old "Goose" befor she goes to Florida to stay with friends for the summer so will spend little time crafting except while she is on the computer... this leaves my 13 yr old "Butterball" and to craft our hearts out. Currently she is making neonatal hats and bootie sets. HEr goal is 25 sets befor school starts... great to see her willingness to participate and help others.

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